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standard house coal for sale sussex

House Coal

This coal is not suitable for burning in smoke control areas. 

Mined premium quality house coal, Long flame and low ash. 

smoke less coal

Homefire Smokeless Coal

Suitable for burning in smoke control areas.

Acknowledged as probably the best fuel for open fires and multi fuel stoves, Homefire combines all the traditional benefits of a real fire with the easily controllable high heat and long burning qualities of a modern smokeless fuel. 

ecoal for open fires and stoves

Homefire Ecoal

The cleaner greener smokeless fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. 

Homefire Ecoal produces 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2 than house coal and is approved for use in smoke control zones. Ecoal is the country’s first smokeless fuel to be manufactured using 30% renewable plant materials.